The last time a total solar eclipse was seen in the United States was in 1979, before Axia Home Loan’s time, however we will be present for this solar eclipse happening on August 21, 2017. Although 48 states will be able to see at least a partial eclipse, there is a 70-mile totality path where the total solar eclipse is fully visible and these are the states with the best locations to view it. So get out there bright an early to catch a glimpse at this very rare occasion!



1. Silver Falls State Park, OR
This water fall is located about 40 minutes east of Salem, and a great place to take a hike and watch the eclipse!
When to see eclipse: 10:05am to 12:38pm; total eclipse 11:18am


Photo Credit: Flickr


2. Cove Palisades States Park, OR
Stretching into Lake Billy Chinook reservoir, this location is almost an hour north of Bend, OR. It’s a great spot to see the eclipse from a boat!
When to see it: 10:06am to 12:40pm; total eclipse 11:20am


Photo Credit: National Park Explorers



3. Sawtooth National Forest, ID
This forest is pretty massive, but the Bald Mountain ski area and the northern part of the forest will have visibility of the epic eclipse.
When to See It: 10:12am to 12:52pm; total eclipse 11:29am


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4. Borah Peak, ID
The tallest point of Idaho will have an amazing view of the eclipse if you can make it there, do it!
When to See It: 10:13am to 12:54pm; total eclipse 11:31am


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5. Grand Teton National Park, WI
This park sits on the border of Wyoming and Idaho, but is also in the path of totality! If you make it out to this park, might as well stay for a night or two and camp out!
When to See It: 10:16am to 1:00pm; total eclipse 11:36am


Photo credit: Bens I World/YouTube


For more states and to see when your city can view the solar eclipse check out Nasa’s Total Solar Eclipse Interactive Map

Don’t have a house within the totality path? Let’s Get You Home!