Part of Axia’s mission is to serve our local communities and continually seek ways to create the best experience for our clients. In many cases, Axians go above and beyond.

Theresa Decker, Axia Loan Originator from Minnesota, recently went on a mission trip to a village called Korah in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Spending 10 days in Korah with the organization “Out of the Ashes,” Theresa bonded with kids who needed to be reminded they are loved and valuable, fed the poor humbly with a smile, and was honored to serve those who wanted nothing more than to be noticed and loved.

“Out of the Ashes” currently sponsors 427 children providing funds for education and assistance with housing, medical, and food. Their main goal is to educate and give tools to pursue higher education and employment to overcome poverty.

I felt humanity at its core, we are all the same,” said Theresa, “These people have touched my heart in a way I cannot explain and I will be returning for sure.

Theresa’s experience has deepened her conviction that people matter. She encourages everyone to reach out to help others in ways that feel uncomfortable sometimes. Time is never wasted.

Invest in the people around you and the processes you put into place so that you can take time away to invest in people, because it matters.” – Theresa Decker


Visit Out of Ashes website at to learn more about the organization.

Blog Author: Marissa Mararac | Marketing Coordinator at Axia