Purchasing a house takes dedicated searching. Then after you find the house, you still need to go through the process of getting approved and finding the right loan to ensure you’re getting your home. Axia Home Loan’s clients can be supplied with Jumbo loans giving expanded credit options.

Working with Redwood Trust, a specialty finance company, Axia’s clients are able to have the proper loan options they need. Jumbo Loans, which are usually used during a purchase of a second home or investment properties, can be either fixed or ARMS loans with a max loan amount of up to $25 million.

There are 5 delegated jumbo programs borrowers can explore through Redwood Trust, and each program has its own benefits and comparisons to adjust to each borrower’s needs. For example, the Select 90 QM program, there is no MI (mortgage insurance) required!

The 5 delegated jumbo programs are:

  • Select QM
  • Select Non-QM
  • Select 90 QM
  • Choice QM
  • Choice Non-QM

For more information on these programs or how you can get started and customize your jumbo loan experience, click here. Let’s get you home!